• The WisERP Inventory module provides a user friendly and flexible solution to enter orders and track the orders through completion. Order Entry allows tracking customer activity from the original quote to the order to shipment.
  • The Inventory module contains sub modules like Material Issue, Material Return, Delivery Instruction, Delivery Note, Purchase Return, Store Transfer, Barcode printing, Reports etc.
  • WisERP Inventory module is integrated with WisERP Accounting, You can merge your data with Word documents, Excel and PDF formats.
  • You can make use of most of the advanced inventory-related features, print bar codes and enter promotional prices, set min/max/reorder level for inventory items.
  • WisERP supports push and pull rules to define your complex routes in your warehouses.
  • Just click on a location and attain a thorough inventory analysis, for a specified period with the inventory control
  • With minimum stock rules you have automatic orders with the right quantity to get the maximum specified level.
  • Track all past or future inventory transactions. Lists facilitate transactions from one location to another.
  • With the inventory valuation you can see the monetary value of your stock quantity, for each location.